Allstate Canada: Snap Cracker Pop

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  • Snap, Cracker, Pop is a Barrett and Welsh campaign for Allstate Canada. After our Allstate Chinese brand campaign successfully differentiated the Allstate brand. Awareness and consideration for Allstate grew amongst Chinese Canadian consumers and Allstate asked us to supplement the brand campaign with feature-and-benefit ads for home and auto insurance. We highlighted a suite of features and benefits that gave consumers access to discounts, reduced premiums, reduced deductibles or capped premium increases. Three print ads, Snap, Cracker and Pop targeted consumers originally from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China in Traditional and Simplified Chinese. They featured a Home and Auto Bundle, Ticket Forgiveness and Drivewise. 


    Snap, our Drivewise ad featured a traffic signal with all green lights, playing off a Chinese saying: 路路暢通 (All roads open ahead) It emphasizes the idea of no more waiting, thanks to the immediate insurance discount when you install a Drivewise device. Translation: Stop waiting. Get the smarter auto insurance discount. Install Allstate Drivewise®. It lowers your insurance and gives you a 10% discount immediately. Use the Drivewise app to get another 5%. Drivewise helps Allstate understand your driving to provide the best possible protection and doesn’t increase your premium. With Allstate, you’re in good hands.


    Cracker our Ticket Forgiveness ad featured a traffic ticket firecracker because, in Chinese culture, firecrackers are lit to ward off ill fortune. Traffic tickets are associated with ill fortune on more than one level: fines and the long-term financial impact on insurance premiums. Allstate ticket forgiveness makes the stress of minor tickets vanish in a puff of smoke. Translation: Mistakes vanish in smoke. A traffic ticket is upsetting. Allstate Auto Ticket Forgiveness can help make it disappear. Add Auto Ticket Forgiveness to your policy and if you’re convicted for a minor driving offence, your insurance won’t go up. With Allstate, you’re in good hands.


    Pop our Home + Auto Bundle ad showed cola and ginger heated together – a very popular Chinese home remedy for the flu. Cola + ginger. Home + Auto Insurance. Things otherwise unrelated, that produce great results when brought together. Translation: When they work together the results are amazing. With Allstate Take Two Advantage you’ll be amazed how much you’ll save when you bundle. Allstate Take Two Advantage combines home and auto insurance, for smart savers like you. Save up to $364*! With Allstate, you’re in good hands.

  • Impact:
    These newly created print ads played a significant role in fueling top-of-mind brand awareness and familiarity and contributed to increased consideration for Allstate’s home and auto insurance.
    Allstate’s reputation as a well-established brand increased among Chinese consumers who had seen the ads.
    Independent research showed that the ads were found to be likeable, clear communication and helpfully detailed.
    Calls generated by Allstate advertising were almost double those in the previous year.