Allstate Canada Stay Flexible

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  • Allstate Canada “Stay Flexible” illustrates how close Allstate agents are to their clients. It leverages a key Chinese audience insight: that trust and loyalty go hand-in-hand with familiarity and relationship-building. Warm stories tell us how Allstate agents win the trust of clients, by being there for them and with them. They show us how clients rely on Allstate agents for sound advice in life, in leisure and in insurance.

    In the TVC/OLV and print ad we hear the voice of the consumer. Talking like a human. Talking about a human. The surprise: the human being described is an agent. Agents who love what their clients love. Who do what their clients do – and often do it with them. Playing badminton. Dancing. Cycling. Cooking. Stuff like that. Human stuff. The stuff on which trust is built. The idea: Allstate agents get you because they’re like you. The copy says “It’s always best to see the big picture but one must stay flexible when things change. That’s advice from my Allstate agent. Works for badminton. And for insurance. It’s why I trust him on both counts.”

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  • Our target audience was established Chinese Canadian immigrants between 25 and 54, from Hong Kong and China, residing in Ontario, Quebec and Alberta, who are currently insured by a competitor.
    Primary consumer research and Allstate CRM data had identified the ideal customer as a responsible householder who believes in taking preventive measures to protect assets – an ideal customer for Allstate.

    The communication platform was “You can trust an Allstate agent to be there with you and for you.” It leverages a key Chinese audience insight: the belief that trust and loyalty go hand-in-hand with familiarity and relationship-building.

    The platform's long success continues to showcase the superiority of high-quality, high-impact, original creative based on deep cultural insights over mere adaptations from mainstream advertising which leave the multicultural consumer unaddressed, underserved and unmoved.