Bessies: back to basics

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  • The 1998 committee set out to make the Bessies broadcast advertising awards a world-class show, with a refreshing back to basics approach.

    Winning spots would each get a single award exemplifying the Bessies’ new, single-minded focus on excellence and dispensing with scores of meaningless subcategories.

    The award was fittingly christened the Gold Spot — a new custom designed casting was commissioned. The result: a simple, iconic award heavy enough to brain a rival creative.

    Driving the Bessies design overhaul was a return to basics theme. The Call for Entries kit paid homage to classic primers of old (while taking a swing at some international advertising legends).

  • The new Bessies went on to win an award in a category TV is not commonly associated with - direct marketing.
    The Call for Entries kit won a silver RSVP award at the CDMA's annual show.