Orion: Big-Hearted Insurance. Not Big Insurance.

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  • We positioned Orion as Big-Hearted Insurance, as opposed to Big Insurance, in order to communicate its advantages with clarity and persuasiveness to partners and travellers. The Orion Class traveller starts out with a sense of belonging that increases exponentially at the moment of greatest need.

    For travellers, the Orion experience is a peace-of-mind upgrade. One that deeply enriches the relationship between them and the Orion partners they bought that insurance from.

    For Orion partners, Orion Class is an upgrade to consumer confidence, a lift in customer loyalty. Travel insurance with a heart at the heart of travel insurance? That was a win-win-win for travellers, partners and Orion alike.

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  • Winner of CAA Best Practices award and winner of Award of Excellence.

  • We created and launched an e-commerce platform for users to buy travel insurance. Beyond giving prospects a transaction-based tool, we built the buy-flow around a customer engagement model which informs, educates and motivates users to buy, choose appropriate upgrades, and above all, make the buying process simple in content and easy in flow. Our focus on user experience and user interactions gave Orion double-digit growth with its online numbers, reinforcing that being customer-centric is the most important aspect of any organization and sales strategy.