BMO Mutual Funds: Investment solutions for all of us

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  • A simple premise: investments as individual as you are. A simple promise: “Investment solutions for all of us”. For the re-branded BMO Mutual Funds family. The conceit of a fingerprint to deliver the message was carried through on TV. Individual investor profiles were written – each over a thousand words of actual copy – and then rendered into actual fingerprint graphics. Possibly the best idea of this campaign was hiring type-guru David Carson to convert the concept into four 15-second spots. His fingerprints are all over it.

  • David Carson is the designer of the now defunct Raygun magazine and author of The Death of Print among many other works. Working with him has to be one of the high points of any art director's career. David'sĀ focus, clarity and determination to achieve typographic perfection are the reason these spots won so much attention from the advertising press.