Bookwave — an identity for LitNetTO

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  • The bookwave is an award-winning brand identity created by Barrett and Welsh for LitNetTO. Literary Network Toronto is an organization of literary reading series organizers in the Greater Toronto Area. LitNetTO acts as a resource group and as a foundation for collaborative projects that benefit the community. Organizers come from mainstream literature and as well as the LGBTQ, visible minority and indigenous communities. Our task: create a brand that represented this diversity of the writers and their work and Toronto literary culture in general. We created the bookwave, a sophisticated, modern identity that evoked the power of diverse voices delivering literature, live. It is a brand imbued with layers of meaning: the world of writing and books, of literature spoken out loud by voices as diverse as Toronto is.  

    In the LitNetTO bookwave brand identity, a library of images come together as one. The spines of many books of different colours represent the diversity in Toronto’s literary community. The books resemble a sound wave — emblematic of the many different notes, tones, accents, experiences, that combine to deliver one message, that resolve in one voice. The new LitNetTO brand symbolizes the colourful pluralism and rhythmic unity that arise from an equal collaboration of Toronto artists.

  • Silver 2019 Marketing Awards (multicultural branding)