Bounty: A Salute to Mummyjis

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  • Every Indian meal is a major production but that will never stop a mummyji. This 2-tspns-of-sugar-toofan-in-a-teacup  (that’s a cyclone-level-storm-in-a-teacup to you non-desis) will cook the pantsuit off any competitor in sniffing distance. Samosas, bhajias, currified canapes — all wing their way out of a supermummyji’s kadai without pause and make delicious splosh-landings in your plate, as you hover in salivating suspension. Bounty wanted to bow to this tribe of household goddesses, to swear that it was ever at the ready, standing by, always ready to tear off to her service. Bounty wanted to say, “You. Are. Mummyji. And we salute you!” And so it did, by treating desi mums like the VIPs they really were. It hosted mummyjis at a Bollywood movie premiere along with their family members, and served up free snacks and drinks. As a final thoughtful gesture, Bounty gave every mummyji a couple of amazing gifts: free Bounty samples, and The No Quit Bollywood Songza Playlist. So they could sing while they simmered and croon while they cooked. The mummyjis? They soaked it all up.