Brampton Züm

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  • Our research said people saw transit as dull and old fashioned – a ride of last resort – but when exposed to Brampton Transit’s new bus rapid service and technology, attitudes changed. Our job: develop branding and communications good enough to bridge this perception-reality gap.

    We named the new BRT service Züm. We created a logo, livery, the stations, brand collateral and even a brand launch video. The Brampton Züm brand included an entire brand identity system was imbued with world-class, contemporary, urban cues that conveyed speed and connectivity. Buses were positioned as “mobile landmarks”, identifiable symbols of the city’s progress. The Züm tag line “See you sooner” delivered the promise of rapid transit in a clear yet clever twist on the familiar “see you later”, and closed the loop with a consumer benefit.

    Thanks to an outstanding, supportive client and a committed, visionary City Hall, Züm has had unprecedented success. Take a look at the launch advertising to see where we took the messaging.

  • Exceptional Performance/Outstanding Achievement Award from CUTA.

  • Since the Züm launch, Brampton Transit has posted all-time back-to-back monthly ridership records. Overall year-to-date ridership growth was at an all-time high in 2010, increasing by 12.6 per cent, more than four times the national industry average of three per cent. 13.8 million riders used Brampton Transit in 2010, an increase of more than 1.5 million riders, compared to 2009. Figures ending February 2011 - Züm's first six months - showed a six month ridership growth of 16%, the highest in Brampton Transit history, nearly four times the national industry average. Ridership in March 2011 was up 26.5 per cent along the Queen Street corridor, compared to 2010. But Züm didn't stop there. It was on a roll. Over 2011, Brampton Transit posted growth of 18% - three times the 6% growth seen on GO Transit and Mississauga Transit and well above the 4% national average for transit. By February 2012, ridership across Brampton Transit had grown to 16.3 million rides. This helped Brampton Transit set a new all-time monthly ridership record with 1.398 million riders besting the previous all-time monthly record set in November 2010 of 1.393 million riders, thanks to a 21.5 per cent increase along the Queen Street corridor.