Castrol: Ride the difference

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  • Castrol was re-entering the Indian market and it intended to dominate the largest two-wheeler market in the world with its motorcycle oil. But how to sell a premium engine oil to a 100cc motorcycle market? How to sell an international performance oil to a market thick with joint venture brands like Hero Honda (the world’s most popular motorcycle) and Kawasaki Bajaj?

    There was a clue in the psychographics of our audience. Whether you ride a 1000cc beast or a tinny 100cc hyphen-brand, riders love the romance of the road. They believe in the brute force of the motorbike. They worship in the church of the machine. They ride a 100cc bike as though it was the 1000cc bike of their dreams.

    Which led us to an elegantly simple answer. As the best answers tend to, it lay in the product. A performance engine oil changes the way your bike performs. You can literally ride the difference.

    Ride the difference became the brand promise. And Castrol became India’s largest selling motorcycle oil.

  • Castrol went on to become India’s largest selling motorcycle oil. The campaign shown here is a contemporary reconstruction of the original breakthrough campaign which ran in India in 1987.