Chalo! Variety. Value. Vah!

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  • Barrett and Welsh created the Chalo! Variety. Value. Vah! launch campaign to unveil Canada’s first big banner South Asian grocery brand. The campaign introduced the brand as a store that would delight the senses of every Canadian. To South Asians it was the first Canadian grocery store designed to wow the South Asian eye with variety and the South Asian brain with value. And to Canadians of every ethnicity, it was the first South Asian grocery store to wow their eye with variety and their brain with value.

    Caught that? That subtle little adjustment allowed us to launch Chalo in a truly inclusive way, to create an awareness and understanding of the store concept, and to create an emotional connection with the brand. As the copy said, “Introducing first grocery store ever designed to make you go ooh, ahh and vah!” Vah? That’s how South Asians say “wow!”

  • 2016 Marketing Awards: 2 Silvers
    2016 Summit Creative Awards: Bronze

    2016 EMMAs: Gold (Radio, OOH), Bronze (Print). The EMMAs are awarded by NAMIC, the premier advocacy organization for multi-ethnic diversity in communications in North America.

  • Chalo became headline news as soon as it opened, with major coverage in ethnic, localmainstream and trade media, and a flood of social media activity.

  • These ads introduce Chalo as a discount store that completely answers the desi and mainstream grocery needs of South Asians. As authentic as a desi store and as organized, clean and spacious as a mainstream store, it's the only true one-stop grocery store that does desi discount right. No other brand delivers so much variety — catering to the entire spectrum of desi needs, plus all the regular mainstream FreshCo merchandise. No other brand delivers so much variety for so much value — with storewide FreshCo discount pricing. And no other brand delivers so much variety and value while providing the full-service wow that Chalo does, with its fresh and marinated fish counter, ready-to-cook desi meals, halal and non-halal meat counters and a desi QSR.