Chalo: a Vaisakhi promo with character

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  • The festival of Vaisakhi is a perfect opportunity for Chalo FreshCo to reinforce its complete commitment to its largely Punjabi customer base. It marks the Punjabi new year, the spring harvest, and the founding of the Sikh faith. The Chalo marketing team asked us to launch a Vaisakhi promotion that would make Punjabis dance (the bhangra of course) with joy. To do this, Barrett and Welsh created a genuinely breakthrough campaign that rose above classic price specials on chana (chick peas) and saag (spinach) and to engage our consumers at gut level.

    For this food-centric celebration where thousands are traditionally fed for free, our idea was simple: go straight to the heart of a celebration so joyful, even the food joins in — literally. Vaisakhi (like most harvest celebrations) is typically celebrated with dancing, in this case the vibrant, high-energy bhangra. And this is exactly what we see our heroes – a red onion and carrot (both essentials when cooking Vaisakhi staples) doing. Balle balle!

  • The creative leveraged food items that are essential in cooking Vaisakhi staples — red onion and carrots. Illustrations were combined with photography to give the produce celebratory Punjabi personalities. Vaisakhi being a harvest celebration is typically celebrated with flamboyant bhangra dancing — which is what our two food heroes are doing.