Courvoisier Succession JL: The goodest cognac

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  • Courvoisier had thrown its support behind the Lions Club Annual Charity Ball. They had donated cognac for the charity auction. That sounds rather normal for cognac-crazy Hong Kong, but there was a tremendous difference. Courvoiser had donated only one bottle. One measly bottle of what is considered the finest cognac in the world, Courvoiser Succession JL. Courvoiser asked us to come up with a mini ad campaign to promote understanding of Succession JL, how rare it was and why it was worth bidding for. Even if bidding happened to begin at $5000. “An all-too-rare-case of the best also being the most good,” said the copywriter, wisely sipping a considerably more affordable XO, as he proceeded to pen this trio of The Goodest Cognac ads for the event’s programme.