CPAMO – Black Brilliance

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  • Black Brilliance is Barrett and Welsh’s award-winning campaign to help CPAMO fight the erasure of Black art and artists. Black brilliance has been kept in the shadows. Anti-Black racism in the arts is seen in the erasure of Black arts presence (denial of existence), in the hogging of the stage (denial of access), silencing (denial of voice), in the absence of celebration of Black art (denial of support). Anti-Black racism requires that we centre the value and the vitality of Black art to all art.

    Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario (CPAMO) is a movement of Indigenous and racialized artists. It works to empower the arts communities of Ontario. Twice each year, CPAMO hosts The Gathering, an interactive event dedicated to advancing equity, diversity, inclusivity and pluralism in the arts. The December 2020 session of The Gathering focused on exploring Anti-Black Racism in the Arts. It featured a wide range of artists, organizations investigating anti-black racism in the arts and featured performances, literary readings, an online visual arts exhibition from a diverse set of practices rooted in the Canadian Black Diaspora. The Gathering works to fight Anti-Black racism in the arts and turns the light on Black art and Black art achievement, so Black brilliance can be seen.

    The visual and lines used an incredibly simple visual device to deliver their message that without the contributions of Black art and Black artist, life and art would simply lose their colour. 

  • A bronze award for Best Use of Social Media at the Marketing Awards 2021.