Dalai Lama Ottawa 2012: Words that live on

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  • There is one reason why people will attend a talk by the Dalai Lama. Only one reason. Because of the speaker. We want to hear him speak live, in the flesh, because his great but simple message has the power to change us. Our campaign for the Dalai Lama’s public talk in Ottawa on April 28th focused on this simple thought: while the Dalai Lama may not always be with us, his words have great power. They have the power to live on, in us. The TV spot and print photography was shot and directed by the extraordinary Richard Picton, entirely pro-bono. The beautiful landing page was also designed pro-bono by the talented Richard Almasi, who designed this website too.

  • Summit Creative Awards: Best of Show (Broadcast), Gold.
    Marketing Awards: Craft, Sound Design

  • The campaign helped fill 7000 seats in the Ottawa Civic Centre. Richard Gere, who introduced his Holiness, spoke to a member of our team before the talk and said it was the best work he had ever seen produced for the Dalai Lama. The organizers of the Dalai Lama's next talk in London, UK asked if they could borrow the spot to promote the event there. (We said yes, of course). The landing page drew 36,767 visits, attracted 2,300 shares (6.3%), 2200 likes and 177 tweets. The videos drew almost 5500 YouTube views.