Multibionta: if you took it, you can take it.

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  • Multibionta was Canada’s first probiotic, multimineral, multivitamin caplet. Its target – mostly moms. EMD Canada said “Tell them we get them. Tell them that Multibionta’s got what they need: inner strength for the crazy challenges of a mom’s outer world.” Yes ma’am, said we.

    We started by coining a new Canadian tagline for this global brand: If you took it, you can take it. Next, we made their one-of-a-kind product come alive with a spectacular, one-of-a-kind, made-for-the-web mini-musical.

    To the tune of the Can Can, women of every stripe sang their hearts out. They sang about their chaotic, demanding, shifting, tiring, loving, full, happy lives – the outer world. The link was clear. Multibionta gets the multiple levels, choices, challenges and tasks of a woman’s life and, it helps you keep your energy, equilibrium and sense of humour through it all. As our mums always told us, thatʼs a sure sign of inner strength.