Uncurry in a hurry

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  • Every time a desi Mum cooks up a nice aromatic meal for her family, hubby and teenaged kids run around slamming doors shut, so the smell doesn’t get into other rooms, closets and their clothes. Everyone loves the way her kitchen smells – they just don’t want their clothes to smell that way. Barrett and Welsh created a campaign that introduced Febreze as a brand to South Asian Canadians for the very first time and told them that Febreze lets desi families uncurry in a hurry so Mummyjis could dare to cook with their doors open. All it takes is a quick spritz of Febreze to get those smells out of fabric.

    An innovative gatefold buy kicked off the campaign and was followed by a series of small space ads that featured South Asian clothing/fabrics and named the aromatic South Asian food ingredients that Febreze could uncurry off them in a hurry.