From fast to feast: Ramadan and Eid 2018

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  • For Ramadan and Eid 2018, Walmart commissioned us to reach Canadian Muslims with messages tailored just for them at this special time of year. Barrett and Welsh created the Fast to Feast campaign to deliver these messages.


    Ramadan is a month of daytime austerity and fasting is the order of the day. But after the sun has set, families gather and break their fast with a lovingly put together meal – a moment of nighttime delight. A traditional Islamic-style lantern perforated in the familiar Walmart spark pattern illuminates the message: saving on your Ramadan needs by shopping at Walmart is a Ramadan delight too.


    When the month of fasting is done, families prepare for the feasting that marks Eid. As with every celebration, everyone has a secret desire that this year’s celebration will be the best ever. Walmart’s message: whether you celebrate with a massive feast or a small, intimate family meal, our year-round assortment of groceries and merchandise means we have more of what you need for Eid, to make this the best Eid ever.

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