Halo: a Surround Science brand

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  • The common or garden variety homeowner tends to know very little about insulated expandable polystrene sheathing — EPS to its friends. At Barrett and Welsh, we set out to change that by branding our client’s new sheathing line with a simple, memorable name, tagline and packaging that connected with homeowner and homebuilder alike. We named it Halo. Why? Because it creates a warm, impermeable, moisture-resistant envelope that protects homes and those in it from the elements. We named each variant too: Halo Interra for interiors, Halo Exterra for exteriors and Halo Subterra for below-grade. The Halo brand logo subtly lifts itself out of negative space to illustrate a house clad in the protective envelope of Halo. The tagline we developed for this remarkable new technology was direct and evocative: Surround Science. Because that is exactly what Halo does. It surrounds you. With science. Amen.