Happiness Simplii-fied

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  • “Happiness Simplii-fied” is a Lunar New Year global money transfer digital (online and digital OOH) campaign for Simplii Financial CIBC’s everything-online, everything-simplified, no-fee bank.

    During Lunar New Year, Chinese Canadians send money home as a way of expressing their closeness to faraway friends and family. Naturally, it’s a busy time for remittances. Our consumers are focused on on sharing happiness, on celebrating and reconnecting with their families and they reward brands that respect this. The problem: every brand sells hard and sells loud during the Lunar New Year; it’s difficult to get the consumer’s attention with all the noise.

    We broke through by joining the celebration, not the “sellebration”. We communicated that Simplii’s simpler, no-fee banking and better money transfer rates let you maximize happiness. Our big idea: Get happiness when you send happiness. That’s happiness Simplii-fied.