How South Asians Get RetireReady

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  • How South Asians Get RetireReady is our 2017-2018 RSP campaign for TD. TD wanted to target South Asian Canadians in the years before retirement. More South Asians choose TD than any other bank. We needed to get more South Asians to also invest with TD. South Asian pre-retirees are financially self-aware. Pre-retirement is an excellent time to engage them as it is filled with major life changes: children completing university or getting married, the arrival of their first grandkids, ageing parents, their own impending retirement and the end of earning that comes with it. It is a time of reflection and reevaluation, and they often worry about their finances – mostly that their money may not be delivering the returns they need to support the retirement they desire.

    Like average Canadians, South Asian Canadians also worry about being RetireReady – having enough to retire on – but for a completely different reason. Average Canadians worry about saving enough. South Asians worry about whether their savings are making enough. The anxiety South Asians feel about underperforming portfolios is counterpointed with emotionally charged retirement dreams. In speaking to both, TD demonstrates understanding and empathy – the perfect qualifications for a retirement planning partner. Our strategy: make them confident that TD understood their financial goals and their life goals. Financially, we positioned TD as the answer to their anxieties about retirement. Emotionally, we showed how TD understood South Asian life goals and aspirations for retirement. Practically, we focused on TD’s tailor-made goals-based retirement review, a tool that equipped them with confidence instead of uncertainty.

    Print and online ads centred on the emotional reasons behind the South Asian desire for better returns. In Second Innings a grandfather teaches his grandchild how to play cricket. Second innings is both a cricket term and a colloquial South Asian way of referring to retirement. Desi Wedding alludes to another major goal: saving for a child’s wedding. In our Chauka-Chakka spot, a South Asian couple reveals their financial preferences and shares their retirement dream of spoiling their grandkids with treats and teaching them cricket. A chauka is four runs in cricket. A chakka – six runs – is similar to a home run.