It’s Called What? TD Bank

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  • Barrett and Welsh created the “It’s Called What?” radio spot for TD Bank’s outreach to new immigrants to Canada. Newcomers aren’t acquainted with Canadian banking, but there is a Canadian bank already acquainted with newcomers: TD. TD understands the challenges South Asian newcomers face and puts its money where its mouth is with banking packages that actually anticipate those very challenges. 

    Our insight into the newcomer experience is captured in a single line. “Everything has a different name here.” The spot features two South Asian immigrants: one who has been in Canada for a few years and a newcomer. In rapid repartee, our heroes shake their heads in good humour at how Canadian names for things like soft drinks and money are so different and how this extends to banking terminology. By holding up a mirror to this typical South Asian experience, TD is able to connect with a slew of new Canadians. The video provides an onscreen translation.

  • 2019 Marketing Awards: Silver
    2019 EMMA

  • Trade-mark information: Barrett and Welsh is an authorized advertising agent of TD Bank (Toronto-Dominion Bank) and was commissioned by TD Bank - a Canadian Chartered Bank - to produce this spot. All trademarks used in this spot are owned by TD Bank and used with TD Bank's permission, under the terms of our contract with them.