Johnnie Walker Black Label: Keep stompin’ Tom

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  • Stompin’ Tom Connors was the the kind of man who kept walking. He traversed Canada from coast to coast, giving us his best songs and we turned them into anthems.

    When venue owners complained that Tom’s stomping damaged their stages, he kept stomping – but being Canadian he was nice enough to bring his own sheet of plywood to stomp on.

    It seemed only right that the spirit of Johnnie Walker Black Label, summed up in the simple words “Keep walking” should find a kindred spirit in Tom Connors. And, on his death, to honour that spirit. And so, this small tribute was created: an ad in which the Striding Man tips his hat at the Stomping Man.

    Keep stompin’ Tom.

  • The ad, while declined by Diageo Canada, was accepted in the 2015 Summit Creative Awards where it won a gold for the Best Idea Never Produced.