LAMATA: The Road to Prosperity

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  • Our work with World Bank and Lagos Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority — LAMATA — posed unique challenges. LAMATA was confronted with a difficult and politically sensitive environment. It needed to educate international and national audiences about the challenges posed by transportation (or the lack thereof) in Lagos. It also needed to convince stakeholders and the public that bus rapid transit could provide a near-immediate solution. Rather than resort to the usual public awareness bag of tricks, we chose to use a dose of cinema verité — a compelling video that was dramatic persuasion and documentary in equal parts. LAMATA: The Road to Prosperity told the story through the eyes of those with most to gain and most to lose, the riders and residents of Lagos. This was Lagos made real – as danfo minibus drivers and okada motorcycle-taxi passengers told their stories. This video helped to create an attitudinal change shift that has allowed transportation to be seen as vital for progress and prosperity. Today, LAMATA’s successes are a case study for the rest of Africa.