Liberals Election 2000

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  • The Liberals Election 2000 campaign had quite the task.┬áLed by Jean Chretien, the Liberals faced a new threat from a united Conservative front that brought together the Reform Party and the Progressive Conservatives. The newly united Conservatives passed a motion of sorts, resulting in an entity they branded the Canadian Reform Alliance Party or CRAP, a brand that lasted little longer than a day for rather obvious reasons.

    The party that finally challenged the Liberals at the polls contested under the banner of the Canadian Alliance. However it faced a resurgent Liberal Party with major achievements under its belt. The Chretien Liberals were flush with budget surpluses, determined to return funding to critical programs, proud of their victory over the deficit and committed to environmental protection. These election commercials leveraged these achievements.

  • The Liberals won a resounding victory, historically one of their best ever performances. They increased their seats in Parliament from 155 to 172 and swept Ontario, winning all but three seats.