Light our diya

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  • Light our diya is an award-winning Barrett and Welsh mobile-only Diwali 2020 experience created for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

    Diwali (also called Deepavali) is the most important festival (or, as Canadians say “holiday”) in the Indo-Canadian calendar. It is the festival of light, accompanied by the ceremonial lighting of diyas (lamps), and it celebrates the victory of light over darkness and goodness over evil. Millions of diyas are lit in India to symbolize this triumph of good.

    A simple interactive “swipe left” mobile greeting which works on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter’s multiple-image “carousel” post format. Viewers were instructed to swipe left to light unlit diyas. Then they were asked to put the finishing touches on Diwali rangoli — the traditional floor decoration made from flour, chalk or fine quartz powder, flowers, grains and other natural materials.

    The accompanying message was simple and direct: Click the image and swipe left to join us in lighting our diyas for Diwali. May the light of Diwali brighten all the days ahead. From your friends with the bright ideas at Barrett and Welsh.