Looking at the Stars – a cure for darkness

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  • A Cure For Darkness is a Barrett and Welsh brochure design project for pro-bono client Looking at the Stars. The brochure is an example of the work we do to promote this extraordinary foundation. Looking at the Stars gives an experience of redemptive dignity through music to those who are confined. It delivers classical music recitals performed by world-class artists as gifts to institutions like prisons and longterm care facilities whose residents rarely have an opportunity to experience live classical music.

    Thanks to Looking at the Stars, inmates in Ontario prisons are able to experience the healing power of classical music performed live by world-class musicians. It’s a gift of hope that helps those in our prisons on their journey to rehabilitation. Like our client, our work for Looking At The Stars combines creativity with compassion and focuses on the humanizing power of music and art. To see some more of our work for Looking At the Stars, click here.