TD Canada Trust: Making Retirement Comfortable for Desis

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  • South Asian Canadians – desis – have very different retirement dreams. Unlike other Canadians, their dreams are not centred on themselves and the new-found freedoms that come with retirement. Their goals and aspirations are not the joys of cottage ownership or cruises or bicycle tours in Tuscany. For a desi, retirement is a time to focus on family, on children and grandchildren without the demands of work. It is a chance to share old cultural wealth with a new generation – to share the joys, games, and stories of a 5000 year-old history. It is a chance to revisit old traditions, to renew practices that were suspended in order to succeed in their immigrant struggle. By showing that TD intuitively understood this, our ads demonstrate that it was simply the best place to help transform those uniquely South Asian Canadian retirement dreams into retirement realities. Our retirement campaigns for TD continue to go from strength to strength with each year.

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