Newton’s Grove School: Kids grow here.

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  • In 2013, MPS Etobicoke, the successful Toronto private school, began the biggest year in its 35-year history. They wanted to brand what they were growing in an old Etobicoke apple orchard: a new school campus. We immediately saw it as the best thing to happen to an apple orchard since old Isaac Newton had a thunk and so we named it Newton’s Grove School.

    As a name it symbolized a place where knowledge and wisdom are sheltered, nurtured and grown, a place for discovery. It was a perfect meeting of meanings. The Newton’s Grove logo builds on that wealth of meaning with a modern-yet-timeless graphic, a simple, flexible symbol that is simultaneously apple tree, light bulb and a round table around which the school community collaborates in growing in knowledge, underscored in the tagline, Kids grow here.

    When Isaac Newton was struck by an apple he developed the theory of gravity — unlike other men who merely develop a lump on the head. As a brand, Newton’s Grove School celebrates Isaac Newton’s humanistic, enquiring spirit and gives it a home.