O Christmas Decision Tree: an inclusion guide

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  • Barrett and Welsh wishes clients and vendors for all cultural celebrations. The objective: do so in a way that cements our reputation as a multicultural marketing expert. O Christmas Decision Tree was our 2017 holiday greeting. Tongue firmly in cheek, we helped clients and vendors navigate some of the more tricky cross-cultural holiday challenges we face in a richly diverse Canada. Such as: whom do we wish? When? And how? The Christmas Decision Tree eliminates the pain of foot in mouth disease. With the Christmas Decision Tree, the ghost of Christmas blunders past will never haunt you again.

  • Summits 2018 Gold for Self-Promotion Collateral

    EMMA 2018: Social Media: 1st place

  • Distributed to a target audienceĀ of multicultural marketers and vendors, a single post of the O Christmas Decision Tree earned 431 B2B impressions in a single day, for a $0 investment.