P&G Oral Care: smile stories

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  • Behind every smile there’s a story. That narrative understanding allowed Barrett and Welsh to position P&G’s oral care brands – Oral-B, Crest, Scope – simply and beautifully, as the story behind the story behind your smile. We identified moments of joy and pride that would bring a smile to the faces of Chinese and South Asian Canadians, moments called smile stories. For a young Chinese woman, her wedding day is one of the most important moments in her life. Just remembering the moment she went from Ms to Mrs brings a smile to her face — a smile story and a smile memory rolled into one. For South Asian women who often live in multigenerational homes, great pleasure is found in shared moments of joy. Like the moment when a grandmother sees her daughter’s smile on her granddaughter’s face and realizes it’s her smile too — it’s a moment that made her smile then and makes her smile now.

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  • “One reason for my smile? The day, I went from Miss to Mrs.” says the Chinese headline. To a young Chinese woman, her wedding day is one of the most important moments in her life. She needs to look her best under the spotlight, to be able to become, for that day, the most beautiful woman in the world. A beautiful, confident smile is as important as the perfect wedding gown. The copy explains how Crest (a trusted brand even back in China) 3D White with its 4-step whitening regimen makes it easy for her to prepare for her big day with a beautiful smile that lasts even when the wedding is over.

    Most South Asian women live in multigenerational homes and naturally focus on shared family experiences: time together, shared beliefs and of course, shared smiles. “One reason for my smile? My beti, smiling at her beti.” says the headline — my daughter, smiling at her daughter. For South Asians of every age, caring for your teeth goes beyond the cosmetic. It’s about health. Healthy teeth naturally translate into a beautiful, confident smile, for her and for her family. The copy explains that Oral-B (a very popular brand in India) has a 3-step daily routine that makes it easy to share those healthy, beautiful smiles with those you love.