Pre-approval – Drop In

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  • A TD Mortgage Pre-approval makes you feel like you can just drop into your next home. That’s the message behind this award-winning, innovative Facebook ad unit.

    Here’s the story: Barrett and Welsh was tasked to drive awareness of TD’s unique online pre-approvals and to establish TD as the leader and bank of choice for mortgages. However, we don’t think it’s enough to simply use social as a medium. In order to achieve maximum ROI for our ad, we exploited how familiar Facebook users are with the Facebook user interface and literally made the medium the message. Our innovative video execution stretches across two Facebook posts. In the first, we see a couch with a South Asian mirrorwork cushion, in a mid-sized home. As we watch, the cushion falls off the couch, and tumbles through the comments, before landing on another couch in the post below — a bigger couch, in a bigger home.

    Unlike often-ignored Facebook newsfeed ads, our ad mimics Facebook’s own user interface to stop users mid-scroll. And, in doing so, it dramatizes how an immediate online Mortgage Pre-approval response from TD helps customers feel one step closer to their dream home. Double-click the video to view it full-size. (It’s vertical).

    Naya ghar = New home. Jhatpat = Immediately

  • 2019 EMMA - Online Advertising
    2019 Summit International Emerging Media Awards: Social Media Campaign Innovator Award