Rogers Cable: Bollywood Oye!

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  • Content meets control in our launch campaign for Bollywood Oye!, a Bollywood-on-Demand service from Rogers Cable. Control is the victor. Muahahahahaha.

    The entertaining launch spot established the campaign theme in a typically Bollywood fashion: a tense moment in a warehouse somewhere in the Bombay docklands. The villain swings at the hapless hero but is foiled – by the pause button. In his avocado green living room, Mr Singh gazes upon the frozen scene and laughs manically, giddy with power.

    The print campaign was designed as a series of gaudy Bollywood posters, commissioned from a real Bollywood poster artist – a series of classic images, instantly recognizable as Bollywood content to anyone in the marketplace, peopled with classic Bollywood characters and settings. In every case, the characters are seen reacting to the control the viewer has over them, underscoring the promise: Make Bollywood Dance to Your Tune.

  • CTAM (Gold)
    Promax (Gold, Silver)
    EMMAs (Silver)

  • Covered in the Globe and Mail (click to read) and Marketing Magazine.


  • Launched on August, 23, 2004, the Bollywood Oye! campaign was a huge success, adding over 1200 net new customers to the franchise. Over 1300 Rogers basic cable customers upgraded to Rogers Digital Cable with 11,175 customers ordering 9,975 South Asian channels over the course of the campaign. There were over 12,000 buys for 60 Bollywood films on Rogers On Demand. South Asian content accounts for over 25% of the free content buys on Rogers On Demand.

    The campaign was so effective in delivering the product message that Rogers exported the spot to the mainstream.