Swiffer: Cleaning ka naya meaning

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  • For a New Canadian family like the Masters, life in Canada is a big change. Even in the small things. South Asians feel that their home is a reflection of themselves and they take great pride in it. But, back home, the Masters had help who did the cleaning. In Canada, everyone does everything for themselves and hired help is a luxury few can afford. At the same time they love hosting friends and family who often drop by at short notice. They need to be able to clean quickly and thoroughly so that they’re ready for guests. What to do, what to do. Enter Swiffer. Swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning – or as the Masters might say, “yehi hai cleaning ka naya meaning.”

    To introduce the Masters and our audience to the Swiffer Sweeper and Duster Extender, we created a brand new original TV spot using a technique long ago made famous by P&G: the doorstep surprise. A candid camera documented the common cleaning issues faced by a quintessential South Asian family and demonstrated how efficient and easy-to-use Swiffer products were when compared to other basic cleaning tools. The spot went on to win a 2015 Marketing Award.


  • 2015 Marketing Awards, Bronze