TD Aeroplan Visa: Spend here. Fly there. Fatafat.

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  • Desis or Indo-Canadians (or South Asians as those-who-are-not-South-Asian like to call them) are highly motivated to find better and faster ways to earn miles for those expensive trips back home. Customers who switch to the new TD Aeroplan Visa card earn 1.5 times the miles, 25,000 bonus miles and can earn miles twice when spending on groceries, gas and drugstore purchases. Which gets them there that much faster. Our ads focus on this quicker journey from purchase to reward.

    In our TV spot, flight paths link typical desi purchases such as dal (lentils), diesel and davai (meds) with the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite card until our journey ends in Delhi, a common destination for our audience. In the innovative newspaper ad, our flight path arcs over newspaper editorial and across the gutter, connecting one ad with another, each representing things a desi likes to buy like baingan (eggplant) and bhel (a savoury fast food). The final flight line lands in a typical desi destination – Mumbai – a city still called Bombay by those who live here.

    The campaign idea is summed up in a pithy “made for desis” message. Spend here. Fly there. Fatafat.

  • Winner of a craft award at the 2015 Marketing Awards.