TD gets desis: aapne kahaa, humne kiya.

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  • TD gets desis. Big time. It’s the bank most preferred by desis — that’s South Asians — by far. This switch-to-TD campaign, which ran over a two-year period, is a good illustration of how this came to be. We pushed far beyond the mainstream’s “we hear you”, a promise that means a great deal in the Canadian English vernacular but feels vague and insufficient to the desi ear.

    Instead, our ads for South Asian Canadians took things a step further and put TD’s money where its mouth is. The line we used was “aapne kahaa, humne kiya”  — literally, “You said it. We did it.” But its meaning is much closer to the English phrase, “your wish is my command” which says so much more. Especially when combined with the flexibility, convenience and customer service that TD is famed for. It communicated TD’s dedication and commitment to its desi customers — a record of promises kept, wishes answered, solutions delivered.

  • Bronze award winner at the 2016 Marketing Awards.

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