Ready for Desis Mortgage

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  • Barrett and Welsh’s Ready for Desis mortgage campaign pitches TD’s Ready for Anything Mortgage to South Asian Canadians who are about to buy their first home in Canada. The unfamiliar financial terrain and terminology do little to deter these financially savvy and fiscally prudent consumers. Fixated as they are on debt-elimination, desi Canadians (as South Asian Canadians call themselves) look for the best rates and best ways to pay off their mortgage faster.

    Canadians and desi Canadians

    Canadians and desi Canadians are very different from each other in their financial lives. Most Canadians worry an inflexible mortgage will restrict their liberty to live as freely as they like. Desi Canadians worry it will restrict their liberty to live as debt-free as they like. For most Canadians, it takes the most extraordinary windfall of funds to be able to pay off their mortgages faster. For desi Canadians, even the most ordinary extra funds are that windfall. An extraordinary windfall is cause for major celebration.

    The big idea

    The TD Ready for Anything Mortgage is typically pitched to Canadians as a flexible mortgage. It lets you take a break from payments or make extra payments when you get those extraordinary windfalls. Clearly, that was not going to work for desi Canadians for whom the best mortgage is no mortgage and for whom most funds are mortgage-bound. Both kinds of consumer love the flexibility feature — but for completely different reasons. We simply respected that difference. For our campaign, we shifted focus to the main benefit seen through the eyes of a desi Canadian: you can pay more and you can pay faster. And you can do it whenever you like. In other words, it’s a mortgage that lets to be mortgage-free faster. And that’s all it took to make a TD Ready for Anything Mortgage a Ready for Desis Mortgage. Want to check out more TD Bank campaigns? Click here.

  • Winner: Summits 2017, EMMAs 2017

    Platinum Winner: Summit Marketing Effectiveness Awards 2017

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