TD RSP Balance

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  • It’s one of those perpetual dilemmas South Asian Canadians face. Should we save for the present? Should we invest for the future? But for desis, this is not a question of choice. It’s a question of balance. This vital insight led Barrett and Welsh naturally to TD’s role: a simple conversation with a TD advisor could introduce South Asian Canadians to a basket of simpler savings solutions. If you want to say yes to both, saving and investing, the answer is TD. Because TD understands that this is not an either-or choiceFor the present, South Asian Canadians save for life, for debt repayment, for tax reduction. For the future, South Asian Canadians save for education, for retirement, for the growth of wealth. TD got it. And, for the 2015 season, the TD RSP Balance campaign reminded South Asian Canadians once again that TD understood them better than anyone else.