The Dialogo

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  • Designer Tania Senior worked with Gavin Barrett of Barrett and Welsh to create The Dialogo for People of Colour in Advertising and Marketing (POCAM). The Dialogo stands for POCAM’s “one voice” role in empowering BIPOC advertising and marketing professionals who are struggling to succeed in Canada’s systemically white industry.

    There is systemic injustice in Canadian advertising and marketing and there is a need for an organization that champions the cause of BIPOC professionals. People of Colour In Advertising and Marketing (POCAM) was created to ensure that the voice, vision and talent of BIPOC professionals are fully and fairly present in Canadian advertising and marketing. Gavin Barrett is one of the organization’s founding members. The Dialogo represents POCAM’s commitment to the necessary, uncomfortable conversations we must have in order to create the change we need.

    The Dialogo’s red speech bubble containing the letters POCAM captures the natural, kinetic energy of conversation and interaction. The intentional disarray (no fixed baseline and size play between letters) humanizes the branding. It represents a voice that speaks for many otherwise silent or silenced BIPOC voices and challenges the white-dominated status quo and the shocking absence of equity it has been responsible for, a voice that holds the industry and its leaders accountable for racism and any resistance to the creation of equity.