Post-it – Start School On The Right Note

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  • Barrett and Welsh created the Post-it – Start School On The Right Note campaign for Post-it’s first-ever Back-to-School outreach to South Asian Canadians. 

    The Post-it® brand promise is simple: we accomplish more when we write things down. Post-it Notes put what we want to do front and centre – tasks, goals, dreams. We can make what matters stick. 

    But what matters most to South Asian Canadians? Their children. South Asians immigrate to Canada seeking a better life for their children. Parents are very involved in their children’s lives. They expect their kids to excel in school and will do anything to help their kids succeed. Post-it Notes fit this insight perfectly. 

    The Start School On The Right Note campaign tells the success stories of two South Asian children and their parents. A sequence of Post-it Notes tells each story – reminders that the parents have written to themselves as they guided their child to success. 

    In Spelling Bee, we read how Venkat won his trophy through a series of parental Post-it Notes. We see memory hacks, word coaching sessions, practice run appointments and the Spelling Bee Final itself.

    And, in Science Project, Post-it Notes written by little Amira’s mum reveal the science behind her project. The notes tell us how they researched, planned and built Amira’s award-winning project together. 

    In both stories, a simple, impactful back-to-school line ties together the academic and the extracurricular: Start school on the right note.