Logix: Think With Logix

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  • Logix was already well known as North America’s leading Insulated Concrete Form manufacturer, among builders, contractors and architects. They knew and saw it as a cutting edge building technology — Lego for grown-ups. Now it needed to leap into consumer communication with a retail advertising campaign and brand new consumer website that made the product make sense in real ways, in real lives. Our creative gave Logix a solid foundation in the most valuable real estate there is: the consumer’s mind. We expressed a complex set of technological features as concrete, tangible benefits.

    We introduced Logix in ways that resonated for average home owners, moms and dads, with kids and dogs, bills and groceries, meals and minivans. We illustrated the advantages of this advanced home building solution in terms of family budgets respected, home heat conserved, drumkit noise muffled, termites foiled and homes protected.

    And, in the words of the new tag line, we encouraged them to “think with Logix.”