Tide Ultra Clean for Ultra Mums

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  • Chinese Canadian consumers know Tide well and trusted it implicitly back in China. Here, they continue to see it as a high-quality brand that they can rely on to easily get the job done. So when P&G asked us to help them move up to Tide Ultra, we knew we had a challenge.

    Consumer satisfaction is usually an advantage. But why upgrade if you’re satisfied? That’s where we came in. We knew our consumer cared most deeply about her children and their success. We knew that she expects more of — and for — her family. As we put it, she wants her family at their ultra best. And, if she could find a detergent that helped by performing at its ultra best too, we’d knew she’d be happy to switch up.

    Our work bridged the rational benefit of better laundry for mum with the emotional benefit of a better life for her kids. We positioned Tide Ultra as the detergent that supports the dreams an Ultra Mum has for her children, by helping them look their ultra best when they are doing their best. In the process, we steered the brand away from negative Tiger Mum stereotypes and created the Ultra Mum, an archetype our consumer wanted to identify with. “You want to see your kids at their ultra best – so do we” said the ads.

  • We closed the loop with a consumer-generated content tactic. We invited ultra mums to share pictures of their kids doing their ultra best, and created a partnership with Ming Pao to showcase the best photographs in the newspaper and on their site.