Toronto Symphony Orchestra: the symphony of the city

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  • Welcome to Hog Town. The Big Smoke. Where streetcars rattle out a rhythm as sirens wail. There’s that boom boom boom coming from Bay Street. A dim sum clatter on Spadina. The sizzle of Indian spices on Gerrard. This is Danforth dancing, shattering plates, shouting “opa!” This is Kensington clapping time. This is alley upon alley performing graffiti symphonies. This is not Toronto the Good. This is Toronto the effin’ brilliant. This is Toronto’s music, its sonatas and airs, its harmonic hum. Its beat, its thrum. This is the big city. This is Big City music. The symphony of the city. This is the TSO.

    The Toronto Symphony Orchestra commissioned Barrett and Welsh to create their 2015 program subscription brochure. We listened hard and went beyond, to position the TSO as the soundtrack of city life, as the symphony of the city.

    (also shown here are some of the other design concepts we explored).