Walmart Canada – Unleash the Year of the Dog

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  • Chinese Canadians proudly celebrate their cultural heritage every Lunar New Year. It is the most important time of year for them. Traditional decorations, greetings, proverbs and customs are seen everywhere. Everyone is busy with preparations, family gatherings and festive meals. It’s also a visually busy time, filled with brands saying the same thing: Happy Chinese New Year. Loudly. Instead of adding to the noise and clutter with just another New Year wish, for the Year of the Dog, we chose a less crowded space. The Lunar New Year or Spring Festival is a time of new beginnings, like Spring itself. We leveraged the famous Chinese New Year idiom, “plan for the year in Spring.” ⼀年之計在於春 and we replaced Spring with Walmart. The message across the campaign: Plan for the year at Walmart. Unleash the Year of the Dog.

    Our “Unleash the Year of the Dog” print and online ads pitched Walmart as a one-stop shopping destination for New Year Chinese needs as well as year-round Chinese needs. A witty, quick-paced radio spot features a Walmart shopper catching a fortune teller off-guard when she tells him how her wishes are coming true even before he can predict it – all because she shopped at Walmart. The dialogue puns off several traditional phrases and wishes associated with Chinese New Year.

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  • EMMA 2018 – Unleash the Year of the Dog – Radio, 1st place