Visible and Vocal – Click to Count

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  • Visible and Vocal – Click to Count is a Barrett and Welsh campaign to recruit respondents for POCAM’s pioneering Visible and Vocal survey. Visible and Vocal was intended to offer a more detailed picture of what it means to be a person of colour working in advertising or marketing in Canada. The data describes the demographic/attitudinal makeup of the Canadian industry’s BIPOC community and supports POCAM efforts to combat discrimination, racism and inequality.

    We positioned Visible & Vocal as answering an urgent need for BIPOC professionals in the industry to own their own data, control their own narrative and occupy the space that is rightfully theirs, without the interference and noise of white interlocutors, while reminding BIPOC professionals of the need to make themselves visible and audible. The advertising gave potential BIPOC respondents the sense that simply responding to the survey was an act of resistance and a rejection of the shocking inequities of the industry. Because it is. Real industry data on systemic racism was presented as a motivator, with the sarcasm and humour that typifies social media activism, to provoke an immediate response.

  • For a $0 campaign investment, the posts acquired 9578 LinkedIn views, 263 reactions, 64 reshares and 34 comments. The survey attracted 309 BIPOC respondents — more than double the target.