VivaNext: branding the joy of transformation

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  • VivaNext is transit as it moves you like you’ve never been moved before – the world’s first transit-oriented development brand, transit delivery brand and transit vision brand rolled into one. VivaNext plans and develops the next phase of Viva rapid transit in York Region. It transforms the places where people live and work. And the way they move between them.

    Barrett and Welsh developed a full brand strategy and brand identity system that celebrates the transformative nature of the vivaNext brand. A brand marketing handbook was created to guide decision makers through complex strategic and tactical choices so they could act as brand champions. A brand stylebook introduced designers and communicators to the brand principles that give the vivaNext brand its distinctive personality, look and voice. The complete brand system includes a brand name, logo, tagline, colours and typography, as well as customized brand graphic devices, motifs, infographics and iconography.

  • Hermes Award: Gold