vivaNext: Made in York Region

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  • Something wonderful had been made in York Region. By 2017, the vivaNext rapid transit project had completed two major rapidway corridors, and residents, business owners and commuters were now directly benefitting from the reduced traffic, fewer accidents and shorter travel times. With so much done, vivaNext could, at last, celebrate how it had kept its promise to deliver the joy of transformation to York RegionWe helped vivaNext celebrate those achievements with humility, by sharing the credit with everyone in York Region. Our ads celebrated vivaNext’s hard-won reputation as a maker and keeper of promises, and we focused on who it had all been done for – York Region residents. 

    Here’s what the copy says. “We made this in York Region. A promise. To change your life in ways you’d love. Around you now are the things we made to keep that promise. Things we’re still making. We used gravel. Steel. Electricity. Sweat. We defied gravity. Impatience. Disbelief. We did that to make this. Rapidways that are our region’s red-hot arteries. Sleek blue buses that lift us all out of traffic. Vivastations that aren’t stops but the start of a new movement. Places that connect transit. Places that connect people. We made transformations. And the smiles, hugs, high fives and fist bumps that go with them. We made this for you. Riders. Drivers. Residents. Businesses. We made this with you. We made it. Together. Now, it’s back to building what’s next. VivaNext. Be moved.”