Walmart Canada: It’s a big country

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  • Every Canadian deserves to eat better, affordably. It’s a Big Country is a campaign that uses Canadian product origins to tell shoppers that Walmart carries the quality fresh food every Canadian deserves. This campaign idea is based on human insights. The Canadian food shopper is a mom on a mission. A busy mom who loves her family and wants them to eat better. She won’t compromise on that. But how to do that on a tight budget? This campaign shows how Walmart helps her fulfil her mission by delivering quality food at Walmart prices in a way that fits the life she lives. We see a moment in one such life: as a mother prepares a big spread for her toddler’s birthday. The quality ingredients she is cooking with come from different parts of Canada – just like her family, who are joining them for the celebration. Throughout, we can see the love that underscores her mission to feed her family well. The message: it’s a big country but what you love will always be within reach.


  • The campaign was featured in Strategy magazine for its fresh, human approach to groceries.