Walmart Canada Save on a Fave

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  • The Save on a Fave campaign was created by Barrett and Welsh to tell South Asians that Walmart had just made shopping in Canada better specifically for them. What makes shopping better for South Asians? Finding the food they want at the price they like. Our ads featured these favourite foods, staples South Asians can’t live without. And they position Walmart Canada as the best place in Canada to find – and save – on these South Asian faves. Every ad, every headline, is a witty invitation to save on a fave. Shoppers were invited to save annas (small change) on bananas, chutta (change) on bhutta (corn), dough on naans (Indian flatbreads), loot on fruit, green on veggies, nickels on pickles, moola on mooli (Indian radish) – and many other South Asian favourites.

    Reflecting the South Asian love of wordplay, the lines use rhymes, puns and other rhythmic devices in English and Punjabi. Stylish, contemporary illustrations close the loop. This integrated campaign ran in multiple media: print (ads and flyers), out-of-home, online (ads and e-flyers).

  • Early results at the time of writing showed online advertising performing at four times the South Asian campaign standard (0.08%) with CTRs of 0.33%. High impact units hit CTRs as high as 1.71%. Early market reports confirmed that advertising was succeeding in attracting shoppers and participating stores show a lift in sales.

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