Welcome to Orion Class.

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  • We created the line Welcome to Orion Class — and the idea of Orion Class — so that rapidly growing Orion Travel Insurance could deliver its value and advantages with clarity and persuasiveness to partners and travellers alike. 

    The Orion Class traveller starts with a sense of belonging that increases exponentially in value at the moment of greatest need. The way Orion responds deeply enriches the relationship between that traveller and Orion’s broker or retailer partners who sold the policy.

    To communicate this, we created three explainer videos that defined Orion’s brand and service philosophy. They’re not garden variety explainer videos. They are videos that define the entire Orion brand ethos and show it in action. The first — a brand video — explains to Orion’s own staff and to new partners, retailers and broker partners why and how it is so different. It is an anthem to Orion’s passion for traveller wellbeing and its obsession with their safety. 

    The other two are white label videos created for Orion’s partners. One is delivered to every traveller who buys travel insurance from an Orion partner; it explains how their (Orion) travel insurance works and how to use it. The other video helps Orion’s partners explain to their customers why travel insurance is valuable and necessary, and why “free” insurance doesn’t cut it. Both videos are always branded with partner brands — but the big-hearted, warm, human voice is distinctively Orion’s. It is a voice that is authentic because Orion treats every traveller in its care as a member of a very special club – something that comes naturally to a company owned entirely by CAA and AMA.

  • Winner of CAA Best Practices award and winner of Award of Excellence.

  • Orion Class is a new kind of travel upgrade. It's not an upgrade on how you fly or where you stay. It's a new class of travel insurance. It's an upgrade to peace of mind.

    Orion can say this because Orion is not Big Insurance. It is Big-Hearted Insurance. Orion's passion for traveller wellbeing and safety allows it to place great emphasis on the human experience at the moment of truth, and lets it operate with refreshing transparency, honesty and fairness.

    In three short years of existence Orion grew from zero to one million policies. It has set itself apart with a claims approval rate well over the industry average, with over 24,000 claims managed and with a scant 14 complaints among them.

    For travellers, Orion Class is an upgrade to peace of mind indeed. But for Orion's retailer and broker partners, Orion Class is an upgrade in consumer confidence. It is loyalty amplified. For both, Orion is the sole example of travel insurance with a heart at the heart of travel insurance. It's a win-win-win.