Yes You Can

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  • Yes You Can is an award-winning Barrett and Welsh campaign for TD Bank. Acquiring immigrant customers early in their arrival has become an increasingly important priority for financial institutions.TD’s competitors are ramping up their efforts as they try to close the gap on TD’s dominant lead. This campaign gives TD the edge and reinforces its position as the market leader by recognizing that even the smallest details make a big difference on a newcomer’s journey to financial confidence.

    Newly arrived South Asian immigrants are disoriented by the newness of it all and overwhelmed by information overload. Challenged to secure Canadian credentials, navigate their way around a new city, find a job, they need to feel reassured they know enough to make the right decision for their financial future. They look to family & friends for recommendations, look for bank staff who look and talk like them and lean on people who have walked in their shoes for guidance.

    We needed to build confidence for TD’s New to Canada positioning as an enabler, by leveraging the most compelling proof: the many ways TD empowers its newcomer customers and the decisions they need to make through its products and services.

    Even small differences make a big difference on the journey to financial confidence. Here’s where TD steps in as a reliable partner. TD recognizes what newcomers are going through and builds confidence by reassuring them “we CAN make things happen”.